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When Nell moved to Connecticut to tend the family cemetery, she found a heaven she’d never expected. When Craig knocked on her door, she found a love she’d never known. He seemed like the perfect fit, except for one major philosophical difference.

As they grow to know one another, can they find a way to span the great divide or will they remain star-crossed lovers? Can he convince his Keeper of the Stars to also keep his heart?

Two New Novels for 2020

THINGS THAT ARE BROKEN is about relationships. Sometimes what we imagine, what we are told should be, is not our reality. Sometimes we struggle to understand those we feel we should be closest to. Sometimes we even struggle to understand ourselves.

This novel is told from the perspective of two such people – a mother and daughter – and gives the reader insight as to the quiet thoughts each has about the other and the world and people around them, about relationships formed and lost, and about moving forward.

A Young Adult novel presented by Double Dragon Publishing

A romantic suspense set on

Martha's Vineyard...

A romantic suspense set in Rhode Island

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