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By a Thread

By a Thread is a contemporary novel about a choice no mother should ever have to make.

Beautiful Judith Creed Oman finds herself in a desperate position. At seventeen, she unites (marries) with Joseph Oman, a young farmer in her closed community. They have a son they both adore, but now Judith is fearful – the community allows two children per family. Beyond two, children are taken away and raised in a community orphanage for the duration of their lives. When her child is past two, Judith is pregnant and alone in her farmhouse when she goes into labor. She delivers twin girls. This is her nightmare, three children.

By a Thread is the story of concealment and what Judith does to keep her daughters from being separated.

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Having left the bright stage lights of New York for the quaint lanterns of a small coastal town in Massachusetts, Annie no longer performs in the prestigious ballet. She walks the beach alone…until she meets him.

Injured during the war in Afghanistan, Shane is searching for peace. He finds it in her.

Despite their mutual attraction, Annie is convinced that a romantic relationship between them is impossible: she’s forty-nine; he is thirty-two. But will friendship be enough for either of them?


Indecisive concerning the future of the inherited small farm of his grandparents, Jack has been spending time with minor repairs and the rebuilding of a front yard stone wall.

After an early morning storm he looks out his front window to see a young woman standing by the stone structure - she is statue still.

Curious, he walks outside to her, unaware that his entire world is about to change.

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THINGS THAT ARE BROKEN is about relationships. Sometimes what we imagine, what we are told should be, is not our reality. Sometimes we struggle to understand those we feel we should be closest to. Sometimes we even struggle to understand ourselves.

This novel is told from the perspective of two such people – a mother and daughter – and gives the reader insight as to the quiet thoughts each has about the other and the world and people around them, about relationships formed and lost, and about moving forward.

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