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Out of the Blue: A Romantic Suspense set in Massachusetts

Little did Samantha Elwyn know that upon visiting her grandparents for Thanksgiving in the heart of historic Plymouth, Massachusetts, she would meet the man of her dreams. The question is will she realize what she’s found before she loses him forever?

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The Birthday Gift: A Romantic Suspense set in Connecticut

     When Cole McGinnis turns five, he meets and falls in love with three-day old Jerica – the girl next door. Two years later, her family moves, taking away the best birthday present Cole had ever received.

Now, twenty-two years later, Cole walks into his mother’s kitchen and finds a young woman standing at the sink. It is Jerica. She has returned to Mystic, returned to him. He is instantly drawn to her, and despite her involvement with another man, Cole falls in love.

Will he have the confidence to let her know how he feels? And, if he does, will Jerica feel the same about him?

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Winter Waltz: A Romantic Suspense set in Vermont

  Spending the holidays in Vermont may seem like the perfect vacation for most people. For Autumn Sterling, a resident of bustling New York City, it's an adjustment. Not only is she confined to a wheelchair while she recovers from a recent accident, but she also has the challenge of becoming accustomed to life at rustic Silver Shadows - a ski lodge her father manages. More than adapting to her new surroundings, however, she finds herself resisting the temptation of falling in love with the resort's alluring owner.

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Sleepless Tides: A Romantic Suspense set in Maine

     Starting over is never easy but sometimes necessary. Twenty-eight year old Lindsay knows that the time is right for her to change her surroundings, and when the offer comes from her parents’ friend Meg to join her in Maine, it becomes the right opportunity. But on her first night there, she is introduced to the arrogant and handsome Evan. Can she manage to keep her feelings for him in check while she learns who she really is on her own? And will Evan emerge from the fog of their relationship and prove himself a beacon of safety or the sharp rocks of deceit?

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Keeper of the Stars: A Romance set in Connecticut

When Nell moved to Connecticut to tend the family cemetery, she found a heaven she’d never expected. When Craig knocked on her door, she found a love she’d never known. He seemed like the perfect fit, except for one major philosophical difference.

As they grow to know one another, can they find a way to span the great divide or will they remain star-crossed lovers? Can he convince his Keeper of the Stars to also keep his heart?

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This and many other books by Virginia Young are also available through the online store of Riverhaven Books.

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