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About the collection:

With an emphasis on relationships, this cluster of stories touches every aspect of life. As in Virginia’s novels, people blending together is the significant and memorable part of this over-the-years collection.

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Nocturnal: A Young Adult Paranormal

Avianna Wells walks in her sleep. Most nights, she, finds herself out in the dark at the edge of the woods, sitting on a curved branch of a Crissmere tree. Avianna wakes to find herself being watched by a Barred owl, Why-Lee, with whom she communicates. She speaks, he transfers his thoughts to her – they are friends.

One night while Avianna is chatting with Why-Lee, she hears digging coming from the yard next door. She finds it odd that the person is digging in total darkness, as if he has something to hide. She cannot tell her parents because then they would find out that she sleepwalks and would surely find a way to stop her nighttime excursions.

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Mary's Goat: A True Story for Children

Mary’s Goat is a true story about a young girl

who chooses a unique gift

for her tenth birthday.

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