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Out of the Blue: A romance set in Massachusetts

On Thanksgiving Eve, beautiful Samantha Elwyn meets the man of her dreams in Plymouth. Will she realize what she’s found before she loses him forever?

I Call Your Name is a romantic suspense set on Martha's Vineyard. Bree often wears the shirt of the boy she loved as a teen. After his mother's murder, he disappears. Bree tries to forget the disturbing events as she lives reclusively in her deceased aunt's former bed and breakfast; then a stranger knocks on her door and asks to live there while he writes a book concerning the mystery.

NOCTURNAL, published by Double Dragon in Canada, is a young adult novel. No vampires, but an owl who communicates with a teen girl who sleep-walks into the woods behind her family home. Together, they explore and solve a mysterious problem in the abandoned house next door. They love one another as kin.

The Birthday Gift: A romance set in Connecticut

When Cole turns five, he falls in love with three day old Jerica – the girl next door. Reunited twenty-two years later, will he let her know that he has again fallen in love with her? And, if he does, will Jerica feel the same about him?

Sleepless Tides: A romance set in Maine

Lindsay moves to Maine where she is introduced to the arrogant and handsome Evan. Can she manage to keep her feelings for him in check while she learns who she really is on her own?

Winter Waltz: A romance set in Vermont

Spending the holidays in Vermont is an adjustment for Autumn Sterling. Not only is she is confined to a wheelchair while recovering from a recent accident, but she also has the challenge of resisting falling in love with the resort’s alluring owner.

A Family of Strangers: A romantic suspense

Who am I? Where am I? Why am I here? The answers are disconcerting. She does not feel, believe, or understand what they say. But if not who they claim she is, who is she?

By a Thread: A contemporary novel set in a closed community

The community was founded on equality, but beautiful young Judith was frustrated with some of their rules. She learned to tolerate most of them. But then one day she was faced with a decision no mother should ever have to make.

Where Seagulls Sleep is a romantic suspense set on the rocky coast of Rhode Island. Catherine's father had a death-bed confession; Catherine is not an only child, she has a young sister. That sister is missing, running from the police and a pair of threatening men. While renting a beachside cottage near the area her sister is rumored to spend time, Catherine meets a mysterious man in black. Should she trust him?

FIND ME: A collection of short stories

With an emphasis on relationships, this cluster of stories touches every aspect of life. As in Virginia's novels, people blending together is the significant and memorable part of this over-the-years collection.

Annasheeva. The theme for this novel has been on my mind for more than twenty years. It is the story of a famous New York City ballerina who finds herself a widow at forty-six. After her husband's death, she moves to the southern shores of Massachusetts where she buys a small cottage and inherits the home's cat. Three years later, she is walking on the beach, soothing aching feet and ankles in the surf, when she meets a young man seventeen years her junior. She resists, he persists. This is a story of intensely complicated love and betrayal.

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