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I Call Your Name

College text book editor Breeda Flynn lives with her deceased aunt’s cat in an inactive beg and breakfast on Martha’s Vineyard. Along with the house, she has inherited memories of incidents which happened sixteen years earlier, including the disappearance of Breeda’s first love and the brutal death of his mother. When TV producer Joe Pederson asks to live at her home while writing a book about those incidents, Bree is not happy about the intrusion but allows the attractive man to move in.

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A Family of Strangers

She opens her eyes to a space filled with white. Instinctively, she looks down at her slim length of body covered with a white sheet and blanket on a hospital bed. She is alone. It is deathly quiet. The one window in the room is muted glass, revealing only that it is daytime. Within minutes of waking, she closes her eyes as she hears someone at the door and then at her side, taking her pulse. Her female caretaker greets a man and the two of them discuss their patient’s progress. It is then that she opens her blue eyes to search for answers.

Who am I? Where am I? Why am I here? The answers are disconcerting. She does not feel, believe, or understand what they say. But if not who they claim she is, who is she?

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Where Seagulls Sleep

At twenty-eight, Catherine has just learned about a younger half-sister. Determined to connect with this girl she didn't know existed, Catherine is drawn to a small cottage community in Rhode Island where her search begins. There she finds solace in the sea and in the man who she shares coffee with as they feed the gulls and wonder where these birds sleep at night. This question haunts Catherine as she also wonders where Trini sleeps and if she will ever find the sister she longs to know.

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A Midnight Bell

Dangerous beginnings thrust Selane Auburt into the path of Detective Sam Slayton, Special Crimes Division of the Boston Police Department. While she recovers from the attack, he investigates the explosion that nearly caused Selane’s death. But there’s more to this incident, and Sam is determined to piece together the scattered shards. Something more sinister had been occurring at that corner for morths; despite continuous surveillance, the detectives hadn’t figured out what, exactly, the criminal activity was, but now Sam knew that the people involved didn’t mind the idea of murder. As he continues to work toward solving the crime, he becomes ever closer to Selane. But is she an innocent victim or part of the conspiracy?

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close to you

Cara’s work as a journalist kept her busy, especially since the mysterious plane crash and disappearance of Dr. Granger Finnegan. With all leads bringing her no closer to the truth of what really happened, she finds escape on Martha’s Vineyard where she encounters a man who could be him.

But why would a successful young neurosurgeon choose to give up the life he knew and loved? Was there a dangerous history that he’d hidden from everyone, even those he was closest to? Even to the point of leaving behind his beloved dog Prancer?

Cara’s thirst for answers brings her only more questions.

What will it take, Dr. Finnegan, to get close to you?

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